BOTTEGA miscellanea’s workshop classes focus on woodworking, design, detailing, making and the maker. However, our projects vary so much that you will not just learn woodworking and how to use tools safely. We have skill building projects that incorporate metal, leather, fabric, and electronics to name a few. Take a look at some of our class examples and contact us if you have an idea of your own. We also love to show off our studio in the woods, so plan a visit to Maine and let us welcome you as a guest and a friend.  


BOTTEGA miscellanea's workshop is located in the woods of Maine, off the beaten path but not far from civilization.  The workshop affords us the opportunity to focus on hand-made craft, furniture design, detailing, and connection exploration for our architectural projects.  Additionally, our THINK LIKE AN ARCHITECT MAKE LIKE A MAKER Workshop offers another way to connect with other like-minded makers, clients, or anyone who wants to use their hands to build something awesome.

think like an architect MAKE LIKE A MAKER Workshop:

Our WORKSHOP first focuses on tool safety…we offer a “you won’t crash course” becoming familiar with the tools we will set out to use for your particular project.  Our workshop is centered around woodworking tools with some light metal work, leather, fabrics, and electronics. Next, we will think like an architect and develop your project ideas. This could be through drawings, model making, 3D modeling, or mock-ups. Then like all architects, we are going to “crit” this design you made and make it better, stronger, or sometimes easier to build. Learn how to make it better and critique yourself, and often overlooked, learn how to simplify your design, or create templates to produce multiples. We will discuss proportion, symmetry, balance and many other worthwhile words.  We work with you ahead of time to outline your personal goals and develop a unique and educational visit to the workshop. Our Maine-woods-based workshop is small and thus, the class sizes are small as well. This is intentional and allows us to connect with each person and help them achieve their personal goals by the end of the session.

Have a project in mind?  Let us know and we can tailor a class around your specific technical goals or just making a gift for yourself or a friend.

“saying you made something with your own two hands is always better than saying you bought it online”

class details -


Classes vary in length. If you are thinking about connecting with us, plan for 2-3 days depending on complexity of your project and your current skill-set.  The first portion of the class is heavily set on tool safety and operation, with some fun mixed in. Once the safety is out of the way it’s time to make something great.   


Onsite camping is free [bring your own tent] but be sure to consider the weather and temperatures.  Alternatively, try renting one of the private rooms through AirBNB in our awesome home. Our options are always changing, so be sure to double check with us. Or take a look online, we live in a great area that has many lodging options nearby.


Our simplified pricing is as follows:

$500 per day of shop time, amount of time will vary based on your project ideas. Additional costs for materials to build your project will be added once they are defined.

What’s included:

We will provide breakfast and lunch each day onsite and one of your nights with us we will do a BBQ and fire pit night. General shop supplies are included, however raw materials (i.e. wood, metal, sheet products, etc.) are not included.

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past class images and project ideas